Leading international CG art outsourcing production studio.

Specialising in vehicles (cars, bikes, trains, planes etc.)

Excellent value for money, great quality and competitive costs.

Over 15 years of production experience.

Artists with AAA game knowledge and development.

Broad variety and depth of skills across most 3D & artistic software.

Quality 3D models, UV wrapping, 4K textures, animation, design & concept art.

Most accurate visually stunning models meeting client specifications.

Produced from CAD, photos or concept art.

For a variety of media (PC, XBox Playstation, mobile, TV & film).

3D models either pre-render (shaders) or real-time ready (pbr textures).


TT Isle of Man - The Game
WRC7 World Rally Championship
WRC6 World Rally Championship
CSR2 Racing
Project Gotham Racing PGR2, PGR3, PGR4
Ignite Racing
James Bond 007: Bloodstone
Sega Rally

...plus many more.

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